Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun in the field!

Well, I am REALLY liking going out in the pasture. It is so much fun! Mom has always said I'm a dead head and lazy, I showed her today, ha! She was leading me out and I started prancing, she didn't mind that too much 'cause I wasn't stepping on her feet. But, then I jumped in the air, I was just feeling really good and was excited to go out! She wasn't too happy about the jumping part and popped me with the lead rope, can you believe that? Hmmmf! That's ok, those thick cotton ropes don't hurt anyway but, I settled down just so I wouldn't scare her. I'm getting so big I could drag her across the yard but, naaaaw...I walked the rest of the way. Then I ran so hard and bucked and squealed! Man, it was fun! Mom says I'm finally getting some umpf...not sure what that means but, she is happy about it.
Then she brought out my "little sister" Forty....she was bad on the way to the field, too....tee hee....she got the lead rope, too. She deserved it though, she's a BRAT! I don't know why Mom likes her...whatev.....anyway, she put Forty out and she was running and playing and I don't know WHAT she was thinking 'cause the fences haven't moved but, she ran into the fence! Like she didn't even see it or thought she was Superhorse or something! I was laughing and laughing, lol...Mom got all scared and worried for a sec but, Forty just bounced off and ran the other way without missing a beat! She is a quick little snot. I went over and inspected the fence she hit and yep, it was all still there like some magic force field! Weird little horse.....she never did tell me why she did that, guess she won't be doing that again anytime soon!
That's all for today, next week Mom says I'm getting a sidepull! Yay! I don't know what that is but, she says all the big horses have them! I hope it's food:)

under saddle

under saddle
you're kidding me, right?

can we stop? I smell treats

Finally out!!

Finally out!!

How come I only have water and they are drinking beer and margaritas?

Wow, it's windy out here!

This was fun but, is it dinner time yet?