Monday, January 19, 2009

Very exciting day!!!

Today was really cool! I got to go out in the pasture:) (it's not really a pasture, but, it's a good 2 acres to run around on) See, after I got hurt, mom was always afraid to ever let me back out. Well, that and the fencing that was up was no match for me, hahaha! I don't know why those dumb older horses think that one little piece of white string stuff is so scary...they could just put their head under it and walk out, they are just dumb I guess. So, I only got to go out in the round pen. Now let me tell you, my bratty barn mate Forty gets turned loose all the time! It's not fair! She is dumb, too....she doesn't even realize there is no fence around the front but, she just stays around the barn and the back....pfffttt...I got out once and went on down the street to the neighbors;) It was waaay fun! You should have seen mom chasing me, lol...she can't run as fast as she used to.....silly humans, old age and cigarettes will do that.
Anyway, back to today. Mom was out working on the fence and finally said it was good enough for me to get out. Yay!!! She said if I was a good girl and the weather is decent, I could get out everyday and once a shelter is put up, I might get to stay the night out will be like camping!

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under saddle

under saddle
you're kidding me, right?

can we stop? I smell treats

Finally out!!

Finally out!!

How come I only have water and they are drinking beer and margaritas?

Wow, it's windy out here!

This was fun but, is it dinner time yet?